Enduce's shower floor drain reduces energy use by 75 % - setting a new standard for the industry

Enduce's innovative floor drain, which recovers valuable energy that otherwise flows into the drain and which has been tested 6,000 times in commercial and residential environments, has been developed in close collaboration with established players in plumbing and prefab. Series production is planned for 2023.

- We are tackling the single biggest energy culprit in households, says Henrik Hagman, founder with a background as civil engineer, technical doctor in energy technology and technical specialist in the process industry.

After heating properties, domestic hot water, i.e. the hot water we get from the tap, accounts for the largest part of our energy consumption. For newly built houses, this is between 35–45%, and it is when we shower that the consumption is at its greatest. Reducing energy consumption when showering is therefore an important part of the transition towards sustainable homes and energy systems.

- Valuable energy is in most cases flushed straight down the drain. We can't have it like that. The industry needs a new standard. If our solution is already planned in the planning stage, it has a big effect on energy calculations and operating budgets, says Henrik Hagman.

In addition to the positive environmental and climate aspect, the technology is profitable for property owners and residents as well as energy producers and grid owners. The technology not only saves energy, it also balances the power needs of homes, which results in reduced costs for both property owners and energy producers.

The energy is recirculated, not the water

The very principle of energy recovery from the shower water is not new, but with innovative and patented technology, Enduce has made it possible to use efficient, industrial heat exchangers, which provides a revolutionary efficiency. Here, Enduce's solution is today world-leading, in a class of its own. Careful consideration has been given to industry regulations and safety aspects throughout the development journey. The design of the product has also been quality assured through close collaboration with industry players, including established players in plumbing and prefab.

In addition to the great energy savings, Enduce's solution resembles a completely ordinary floor drain. It fits in most bathrooms, is easy to install and easy to clean. The technology completely lacks moving parts, electrically powered components, replacement parts and other complex solutions in the heat recovery system, which makes the technology hygienic, user-friendly, cost-effective and durable.

Outgoing used shower water heats incoming cold water, which means that only a quarter of tap water needs to be supplied to the shower mixer. So instead of mixing cold water with hot water to get the right temperature, preheated cold water is mixed with a significantly smaller amount of hot water.

- You still shower in completely clean water, as usual, as it is only the energy that is recirculated. The resource saving lies mainly in the energy and not in the water. Water consumption is only a very small part of the resource requirement when showering, says Gustav Svenson, co-founder and designer, with a background as a product developer with a master's degree in mechanical engineering.

If all Swedes were to shower with Enduce's floor well in their homes, heat consumption would be reduced by approx. 5 TWh per year. For comparison, heat consumption in Swedish homes was a total of 61 TWh in 2021.

- The savings potential from our product is significant. We want the solution to be available to as many people as possible because then we create maximum environmental and climate benefit, says Henrik Hagman.

Soon on the market

In 2022, Enduce was awarded three million kroner from the Energy Agency in order to verify the latest version of the floor well in collaboration with established industry players. In total, around 20 units are installed during the winter in various environments, including single-family houses, apartment buildings, corridor accommodation and hotels. The technology has already been tested over 6,000 times in commercial and residential environments, so the verification project is the last step before series production takes place in the second half of 2023.

- In the midst of a global energy crisis, almost everyone is thinking about how we ourselves can make more energy-efficient choices, both for the climate and the wallet. With our floor well, you get access to a large waste of energy that most people don't even think about, and that without compromising on comfort, hygiene or performance. The market and the world need our solution, and now we look forward to launching it, says Thomas Holmberg, CEO.


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Thomas Holmberg, CEO at Enduce

About Enduce
Enduce is a Swedish greentech company that stands for efficiency, simplicity and significant resource savings. We are passionate about making innovative and proven technology available to the property industry with our energy-smart products.

About the product
EN1 – A new standard: Our patented floor well recovers up to 75% of the energy, is easy to install and provides greatly reduced operating costs. It also contributes to sustainable development where we save society's and the earth's resources together.

Enduce receives business support from the incubator Uminova Innovation in Umeå.

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