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Every innovation starts with a problem

In this case, the problem lies in a simple act that most people do almost every day, but comes at a high economic, environmental and climate cost: taking a shower. Every time we shower, staggering amounts of energy and money literally go down the drain.

We who founded Enduce are two old people engineering friends with a shared passion – to solve problems and create change. Henrik is a technical doctor in energy technology, a technical specialist in the process industry, and the person who came up with the idea of transferring and adapting technologies used in the power and process industries to households. Gustav is cowengineer and product developer, whose know-how could help move the innovation from sketches and calculations to refined solutions and reality.

We thought, there must be an existing product that efficiently recovers energy from used tap water. So we started looking. And look. But we did not find any solutions, either existing on the market or in patent databases, that were based on basic knowledge of heat transfer in challenging environments; the solutions that existed were either energy inefficient, cumbersome in design (large, sophisticated and expensive), or did not sufficiently take into account the fouling that occurs on heat transfer surfaces when recycling gray water energy. 

So we decided to take matters into our own hands. We would develop the world's most energy-efficient floor drain solution that would be so smart in its design that there would be no need for electronics or moving parts, and would be affordable to enable scalability and environmental benefits on a significant scale.

We started from the knowledge that the plate heat exchanger - a type of high-efficiency heat exchanger that has been used successfully in industry for over 100 years - is the most efficient solution for transferring energy from one water flow to another. But the experts agreed that the plate heat exchanger was too sensitive to grease, fibers and dirt, and had too high a pressure drop, to be used in a shower floor drain. It was impossible, they said.

So we decided to make it possible.

This journey began in 2008 with a problem and an idea. Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge - not to mention through the shower cubicle in the small room at Umeå University where we spent many a spare moment testing the best solution. Drawing inspiration from the industry, and using an evidence-based approach, we systematically addressed the weaknesses of the plate heat exchanger one by one, and came up with the unique and patented system that made it possible to put a durable and highly efficient heat recovery system into the shower room floor, fully in line with the stringent building and industry regulations in Sweden and the Nordics. A system that preheats incoming cold water on its way to the shower mixer, using the hot outgoing shower water, so that as much as 75 % of the shower energy can be reused.

So here we are, many years, thousands of showers, and dozens of prototype generations later, with five patents and patent applications, and a breakthrough product. A highly efficient and profitable energy recovery floor drain that contributes more to a sustainable future for every traditional energy-guzzling floor drain it replaces.

The team

Henrik Hagman
070-947 57 43

Henrik Hagman
Technology and product manager
Innovator, founder and principal owner

Henrik is a technical doctor in energy technology and a technical specialist in the process industry. He has been working industrially with energy efficiency for many years and has built up extensive knowledge and unique experience in particular in energy conversion, coatings in energy applications and corrosion.

Thomas Holmberg från Enduce
070-279 72 67

Thomas Holmberg
Co-founder and co-owner

Thomas joined the team in spring 2021 and has a background in a variety of leadership roles, not least in the airline industry with over 10 years of experience in management and as a commercial airline captain. He has run companies, held board roles and worked as an operations manager. 

079-103 56 56

Alexander Teir
Technical seller and market developer

Aleksander joined the team in spring 2023 in the role of Market Developer and Technical Salesperson. He hashas a previous career as a traveling salesman of water treatment products, among other things. Aleksander has also worked as a construction and landscaping worker, store manager and nurse.

070-234 57 29

Gustav Svenson
Designer and developer
Innovator, co-founder and co-owner

Gustav has worked as a technology consultant for over 15 years with a focus on product development and has had assignments with about 20 different clients. The driving force lies in finding innovative solutions to problems and constantly expanding knowledge in different areas. 


Gustav North
Chairman of the Board
Co-founder and co-owner

Our trip

The idea is born

Based on research, the need, potential and worthiness of the idea is established.

Environmental analysis

An independent survey is conducted of existing technical solutions and patents. The conclusion shows a lack of effective and scalable solutions on the market. 

Design philosophy decided
  • Evidence-based
  • Highly effective
  • User-friendly
  • Affordability
  • Standard components to the greatest extent possible
Technical verification

A rig for measurement and technical verification is built. Different operating principles are tested and basic enabling solutions are developed and begin to take shape.

The first patent process begins

First patent application submitted for the technology that enables reliable and cost-effective hot water flushing of heat exchangers.

Innovation support is granted

The Västerbotten County Administrative Board grants aid for development.

Internationalization of patents

The patent application is broadened internationally.

Long-term evaluations begin

A prototype is installed and commissioned to see how the technology performs over time.

Patent granted!

Our first patent is granted nationally and internationally. The patent protects the principle of how hot water from a building's hot water system can be used to thermally and flow-dynamically clean the heat exchanger surfaces that would otherwise clog after a few dozen showers..

Continued long-term evaluations

Several improvements are continuously implemented in an iterative improvement process to increase user-friendliness, robustness and energy recovery rate. 

New prototype

A new prototype generation is manufactured, evaluated and optimized based on lessons learned from previous evaluations.

Manufacturing documents and specifications for the production of demo units are drawn up.

Another patent process is launched

Funds from Umu Holding AB are granted for the protection of newly developed technology. A second patent is being applied for to protect progress made in the years 2015-2020. 

SEK 300,000 from the Energy Agency

The Swedish Energy Agency grants funding of SEK 300 thousand for concept development and testing of the technology in commercial environments:

"In an overall assessment and in competition with other applicants, the project's potential is assessed as significant and the innovation is considered to have good opportunities to be developed"

Expanding the team

Thomas Holmberg joins the team and broadens the focus from technology to organization and business development. Application for verification support is initiated. Enduce is admitted to the business incubator Uminova Innovation.

Enduce AB is founded

Gustav Nord joins the team and the company Enduce AB is established to commercialize the technology that has so far been developed within the consulting company DMAIC Engineering AB. 

New support from the Energy Agency

Enduce receives 3 million in funding from the Swedish Energy Agency to verify the technology with demanding customers.

The decision states: 

"In an overall assessment, the energy and business potential of the project is considered significant"

Enduce brings in capital

A new share issue is carried out and more owners join with significant expertise and experience. Office and basic organization are established. 

Three more patent applications

We are filing for 3 additional patents as a result of the product development in 2021-2022.

Sharp verifications with customers

Verifications are starting on the latest prototype for floor installation with established players in the private housing sector, public housing and prefab.

The team is expanding

Aleksander Teir joins the team as a market developer and technical salesperson with relevant industry experience from water treatment plants.

Product optimization and testing

Product optimizations and adaptations are carried out before serial production, including with industrial design competences, and from insights from verification. Type testing is initiated to certify the product against current building standards. 

Production development

Suppliers are procured for serial production and tools are ordered for the production of components. 


Enduce E1 is launched in a press release. A number of reports are made.  

Series production begins

Tools for serial production are ordered.

Enduce on Ny Teknik's 33 list

Enduce is named one of Sweden's most promising startups by Ny Teknik magazine.

Web shop established

The product is made available to individuals via an online shop.

Start of delivery Enduce E1

First customer deliveries start from the pre-series.

More patents approved

Swedish and international patents are approved. 

Warehouse shelves are filling up

Large-scale production is underway and the results are starting to show on the shelves. 

Our vision

Enduce technology becomes a new standard.

Our ambition is for high-efficiency energy recovery technologies to be commonplace in all households and buildings.

Our cooperation partners

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Uminova Innovation
Kransell Wennborg
Struktur Design
Umeå Universitet Holding

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Good to know

You are very welcome to visit our office in Umeå. You will find us at Lärlingsgatan 22s.

Address and organization number can be found in the footer. Contact us if you want to know more. 

Feel free to visit ours FAQ for answers to more frequently asked questions and in-depth information.

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