Shower floor drains with 75 % energy recovery.

Reducerad energiförbrukning

Reduced energy consumption and improved energy performance

Sänkta driftkostnader

operating costs
and improved net operating income

Ökat fastighetsvärde

property value
and financing space

Reducerad resursförbrukning

reduced resource consumption when showering

Reducerat klimatavtryck

reduced climate
imprint at

A new standard.

Reducing the power and energy consumption of showering is an important part of the transition to sustainable homes and energy systems. Enduce Shower floor drain E1 recovers up to 75% of the heat in the shower water - valuable energy that would otherwise be flushed down the drain. The technology significantly reduces resource consumption and also balances the power needs of homes.

We tackle the single biggest energy culprit in households. A lot has been done in terms of energy efficiency, but unfortunately the norm is still that we flush hot water energy completely without recycling straight into the sewer network. The industry needs a new standard!

Henrik Hagman
Civil engineer and technical doctor in energy technology
Technology and product manager at Enduce

Reduced costs and reduced carbon footprint.

The real estate sector accounts for a large share of global energy use and in a modern home, up to 40% of energy consumption can be spent on heating hot water. One of the biggest energy wasters in this context is the shower, which has not only the hottest water flow but also the longest duration of the flow. Unfortunately, the heated water often flows directly into the drain, resulting in huge amounts of lost energy.

Passive function
without electronics

Enduce E1 is completely passive, with no moving parts or electronics. It requires no electrical connection and has no wearing parts that need to be replaced.

Robust and
proven technology

The technology has been tested over 10,000 times and quality assured in collaboration with established players in the HVAC and real estate industry. 

Easy installation
and maintenance

Enduce E1 is suitable for most properties, both single-family homes and apartment buildings. It is simple to install and easy to maintain thanks to an integrated cleaning system. 

Learn more on the webinar

Please join our regular webinars to learn more about our solution. For 30 minutes, we explain our solution, the technology behind it and answer questions. The webinars are conducted via Teams.  

You are also welcome to book an individual meeting, for example to discuss a specific project or issue. 

Sustainability Manager:

I think a strong argument is that the energy declaration and energy performance compared to BBR is improved. This means that the value of the property increases, which should be interesting even for those property owners who do not borrow money.

Property owner:

The fact that the entire investment can easily be paid for by increased leverage that comes from increased net operating income is fantastic. This means that you can both increase the yield and improve your environmental footprint without it costing capital.


It is really fun with new products and solutions in the industry. Love that it is repairable and has as few replaceable parts as possible.


How it works

Enduce floor drain recovers heat from shower water.The technology is integrated in the shower floor drain - where it does the most good. Used shower water is passed through a highly efficient plate heat exchanger before being flushed down the drain. There, the heat is transferred to the incoming cold water of the shower, which means that much less hot water needs to be added to achieve a comfortable shower temperature. This saves large amounts of energy. The solution is passive with no electrical connection, pumps or replacement filters. An integrated cleaning system keeps the solution reliable and efficient over time. 


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