Reducerat klimatavtryck

climate footprint

Reducerad energiförbrukning

energy performance

Sänkta driftkostnader

operating costs

Ökat fastighetsvärde

property value

Reducerad resursförbrukning

resource consumption

A new standard.

We see our floor drain as a new standard. There's a before and an after Enduce, as shower floor drains go from being beautifully designed holes in the ground to becoming energy and resource efficient. 

Our patented floor drain recovers up to 75% of the heat in the shower water - valuable energy that would otherwise go down the drain. In our solutions, economic and environmental sustainability go hand in hand. This gives our products a huge potential to both become market leaders and contribute to society's energy transition. 

In short, everyone wins with Enduce. A new standard for the industry.

Based on research

The core team at Enduce are researchers and engineers who are passionate about making innovative and proven technology available to more people.

Our unique know-how is what sets us apart on the world market and is the basis for our innovation and patents.

Porträtt av Henrik Hagman på Enduce
Henrik Hagman
Researcher in energy technology at Umeå University
Technology and product manager at Enduce

Patented innovation

Our solution has been developed over a long period of time and is patent protected both in Sweden and internationally. Five different patents protect the innovations that enable, streamline, improve and simplify the application of plate heat exchangers in grey water shower applications. This makes our solution world leading and positions us for a strong market position now and in the future.

Our future plans

There is a great need for energy efficiency globally. More and more incentives and regulations are coming into force, which strongly suggests solutions like Enduce E1. With an increased demand for sustainable solutions, we expect strong growth and have major plans for international expansion. Enduce is well positioned to meet this demand with scalable manufacturing, technology, unique know-how and several international patents. 

Feel free to contact us to join the journey!

Learn more

Please join our regular webinars to learn more about our solution. For 30 minutes, we will explain our product, the technology behind it and answer your questions. The webinars are conducted via Teams.  

You are also welcome to book an individual meeting with us, for example if you have a specific project you want to discuss. 

Calculate yourself

Use our value calculation to estimate the impact of the Enduce energy recovery floor drain on your property's key performance indicators. 

With Enduce E1

Reduced operating costs
Energy saving
CO2 reduction
Repayment period
Energy cost for the shower
Economic returns
Improving energy performance
kWh/m2 Atemp

Adjusting parameters

Hot water heating
Energy cost (average over time)
Design of the shower area
(energy loss)
I want to calculate the energy
savings from
Domestic hot water consumption
1000 kWh/person/year
Accommodation per shower room
Share of hot water for showering
Total household shower time
Water flow in the shower
Shower water temperature
Cold water temperature
Hot water consumption
kWh/m2 Atemp
Surface area Atemp
Share of hot water for showering
Number of shower rooms
Hot water consumption
kWh/m2 BOA
Surface area BOA
Share of hot water for showering
Number of shower rooms
Energy cost for shower without Enduce
3 600 SEK/year

Contact us about your project

We are happy to help with specific calculations for a property, both new construction and renovation. Get in touch with us to take part in our in-depth value calculation.

questions and answers

Yes, the Enduce floor drain is based on an industrially proven technology, which we have adapted to modern bathrooms. The design is in line with industry and building standards and testing for floor drain function and waterproofing is done in the same way as with other products. The design principle has been to create something that is uncomplicated, robust and durable over time, making the lifespan of our product as long as the bathroom itself.

Feel free to visit ours FAQ for answers to more frequently asked questions and in-depth information.

Porträtt av Thomas Holmberg på Enduce

Thomas Holmberg

070-279 72 67


How you design the shower area and where you position the shower room ventilation are important factors that influence how energy efficient and comfortable the shower experience will be.
According to the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning's building regulations, the contribution of energy-saving technologies to improving energy performance may be included in the calculations based on the technology's demonstrated energy savings.
Enduce E1 reduces hot water consumption (the energy used to heat hot water), which is by far the biggest environmental and climate impact of showering.
The solution's operating principle is that the energy in the continuous flow of shower water is heat exchanged against the continuously incoming cold water.
The floor drain is also designed to be fully repairable. This means that all internal and moving components can be replaced if something breaks.   
The connection of the waterproofing to Enduce E1 is done via traditional clamping frame connections for either waterproofing foil for tiled floors, or for plastic carpet.

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