Floor drain to revolutionize the industry - recycles 75% of energy in the shower

Gustav Nord, Henrik Hagman, Thomas Holmberg, Gustav Svenson

The heating of hot water is, after the heating of living spaces, the largest energy consumption in homes and the shower is often the largest consumer of hot water. That's why Swedish greentech company Enduce has developed a unique solution that recycles as much as 75% of the energy we use in the shower: the world's most energy-efficient floor drain. The patented solution has been developed over ten years and tested over 10,000 times.

The solution is based on world-leading energy recovery technology. Outgoing used shower water preheats incoming cold water, significantly reducing the need to supply hot water to the mixer and saving large amounts of energy. The product is robust with no wear and tear or replacement parts and can be easily installed either in new developments or in existing buildings, both in large properties and private homes.

- At last! Now everyone can take part in our solution - it is completely crazy to let valuable energy run down the drain when we can easily save energy, money and above all reduce the environmental impact. The goal is to set a new standard for the entire industry," says Henrik Hagman.

A number of investors are behind the innovation and the Swedish Energy Agency has contributed three million in support. Prior to the launch, the solution has been tested with good results in both private homes and larger properties, including a very positive impact on net operating income. For example, Riksbyggen and HSB Living Lab are participating in the verification.

- We have created a solution that is both by far the most efficient and at the same time the most affordable on the market for energy-saving floor drains - so that as many people as possible can benefit from it. With increased demand for sustainable solutions, we expect strong growth and have major plans for international expansion," says Thomas Holmberg, CEO of Enduce.

The price of the floor drain is between SEK 18-20,000 excluding VAT and the payback period for a family household showering 30 minutes per day is estimated to be around five years.

Read more about Enduce or sign up for a webinar to learn more about the product and the technology behind it at: https://enduce.se/

Caption: The founding team - Gustav Nord, Henrik Hagman, Thomas Holmberg and Gustav Svenson.

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