New online shop launched - selling the world's most energy-efficient floor drain

In a modern home, up to 40% of energy consumption can be used to heat hot water, with the shower being the largest consumer of hot water. In addition, heated water often flows directly into the drain, resulting in large amounts of lost energy. 

With the Enduce E1 shower floor drain, the property owner improves profitability through lower operating costs and reduced environmental impact. The change is immediately noticeable in energy and hot water consumption. 

- There is great interest from private individuals, which is why we are launching a web shop to make it easier for everyone who wants to reduce their energy consumption," says Thomas Holmberg and continues: 

- By changing the floor drain, you are tackling the single biggest energy hog in your household. Much has been done in terms of energy efficiency in the real estate sector, but unfortunately the norm is still that we flush hot water energy - without recycling - straight into the sewage network. The industry needs a new standard! 

Endue's floor drain can be built into both existing and new buildings - without complex engineering or installation. The technology is innovative and patented and has been tested over 10,000 times and quality assured in collaboration with established plumbing companies. 

Until January 31, there is a promotional price on Endue's floor drain. Click on the link and buy your floor drain here. 

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