Successful product launch for Enduce "We've received really good feedback"

Series production of the sustainable floor drain has recently started.  

- We are finally on the market and can make our solution available. The need for energy efficiency is huge and we contribute with a very concrete and important tool for the construction and real estate industry in an area that is neglected. The norm cannot be that we waste energy. The industry needs a new standard," says Thomas Holmberg. 

And the reactions were immediate. Many customers, both corporate and private, have contacted us and are interested in buying the floor drain. Many have also signed up for Endue's weekly webinar on the product.  

- The goal is to deliver hundreds of units after the end of the year and thousands in the future," says Aleksander Teir, Technical Sales Manager at Enduce. 

In mid-September, Enduce also went to Fastighetsmässan in Gothenburg, Sweden's largest real estate fair. The goal was to land 20 new contacts, but the company went home as one of the top 10 percent of exhibitors with the highest number of registered expressions of interest at the stand. 

- I have sold many products at trade fairs during my career, but I have never experienced such a positive response from trade fair visitors. Everyone, both private individuals and industry experts, sees the benefits of the product. This is something unique," says Aleksander Teir. 

Over the past year, the shower floor drain has been tested in collaboration with several actors and in many different environments. Everything from villas to hotel environments and shared corridor accommodation. Also by manufacturers of prefabricated bathrooms in order to make the product as accessible as possible - to a new standard.  

- It is thanks to all the verification, all the feedback from our partners, that we have been able to refine the product as much as we have. The user-friendliness in particular has become much better," says Thomas Holmberg. 

How the floor drain works 

The Enduce floor drain recovers heat from shower water.Used shower water is passed through a highly efficient heat exchanger before being flushed down the drain. The heat is transferred to the incoming cold water of the shower, which means that significantly less hot water needs to be added for a comfortable shower temperature. This saves large amounts of energy - up to 75% - which is a world first. An integrated cleaning system keeps the solution reliable and efficient over time. 

The product is designed to be easily installed and used in small houses as well as large apartment buildings and hotels.

Learn more in the webinar

Please join our regular webinars to learn more about our solution. For about 45 minutes, we will explain our solution, the technology behind it and answer questions. The webinars are conducted via Teams. A warm welcome!

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