Web shop terms and conditions for consumers' orders of HVAC products via Enduce AB's web shop.

1 Definitions
In these online shop terms and conditions

Agreement(s): these online shop terms and conditions and other terms and conditions stated at the time of ordering and contained in the Confirmation.

Confirmation: the confirmation of your order for a Product via the Site that is sent to you upon completion of the order and which shall be consistent with the order made

Enduce: Enduce AB with company registration number: 559336-5983 and with the address below.

Improper Handling: installation, uninstallation, use or care of the Product that is not in accordance with the product information or what may otherwise be considered normal handling.

Defective Product: Product that does not comply with the product information and/or does not comply with legal requirements or other binding rules concerning the Product.

Late Delivery: where Product is not delivered in accordance with the Delivery Time and (a) this is not due to you, to circumstances on your part or to obstacles that Enduce cannot overcome, or (b) performance would be unduly burdensome to Enduce

Delivery time: time for delivery in accordance with the Confirmation Price: price of the Product, VAT, delivery and other charges.

Product(s): HVAC product or part or spare part of such product available for ordering via the Site.

Product information: information provided by Enduce on technical, digital and other characteristics, scope of use, installation, uninstallation, use and maintenance and other relevant information regarding the Product.

Complaint: notice of Delayed Delivery or Faulty Product, containing:

(a) your name, address, email and telephone number,
(b) the name of the Product,
(c) the number of the Confirmation; and
(d) for Delayed Delivery: when the delivery should have been made; or
(e) in the case of a Defective Product: the time when the defect was discovered and (if known) the reason for the defect.

Website: the website https://enduce.se.

2 Conditions applicable to the purchase of a Product via the Site
2.1  This Agreement applies to you as a consumer when you order a Product via the Site.
2.2  A binding contract arises between you and Enduce when you place an order for a product.

Product via the Site and confirm that you accept these online shop conditions.

3 Information when ordering
Information on the ordered Product, delivery time and method, the Price, payment time and payment method is stated in the Confirmation.

3.2 The Confirmation must be consistent with your order. You agree to notify Enduce immediately if the Confirmation does not match your order or if you do not receive the Confirmation despite placing an order.

4 Product information
4.1 Product information can be found on the Site and is attached to the delivery of the Product. You are required to review the Product Information and notify Enduce if you have any questions about the Product/Product Information prior to installation.

4.2 You are responsible for the installation/uninstallation of the Product and for ensuring that the Product is installed, uninstalled, used and maintained in accordance with the product information. Improper handling may cause damage for which you are responsible.

5 Price and payment conditions
The price with specified VAT and charges, due date and other payment conditions are stated in the Confirmation.

5.2 In the event of non-payment / non-full payment, Enduce is entitled to charge penalty interest corresponding to the applicable reference rate + 8 percent from the due date. After the due date, Enduce will send a reminder of the claim to you and charge you for the reminder fee. If no payment is made despite the reminder, Enduce may submit the claim for collection and charge you for the collection company's fees.

5.3 In the event that your delay in payment is considered a material breach of the Agreement, Enduce has the right to terminate and the right to damages under the law.

6 Time and method of delivery and delayed delivery
6.1 The delivery time and method are indicated in the Confirmation.
6.2 Delivery costs are indicated in the Confirmation and are included in the Price.
6.3 In case of Delayed Delivery, you have the right to demand performance or cancel and claim damages in accordance with the law, provided that a Complaint is made as described below.

7 Incorrect product
7.1 In case of a defective Product, Enduce undertakes to deliver a new Product as soon as possible. You also have the right to cancel and/or claim damages according to law. Obligations and rights under this section 7.1 presuppose that Complaints are made in accordance with section 8.1 below.

7.2 Enduce is not responsible for faults/damage resulting from improper handling.

8 Complaints
To invoke Delay or Defective Product, you must make a Claim no later than 2 months after delivery or any other period considered reasonable.

9 Cancellation
As long as the ordered Product has not been packaged, you can request cancellation by emailing Enduce according to section 11.1.

9.2 In the event that the goods have not been packaged, Enduce will send a cancellation confirmation to the email address from which you send the request. A refund of the Price, if paid, will be made without undue delay.

9.3 If no cancellation confirmation is sent, the product has already been packaged and will be delivered. In case you regret your order, you can exercise your right of withdrawal as described below.

10 Right of withdrawal
10.1 You have the right to cancel within 14 days of delivery provided that the Product is uninstalled, unused and undamaged and remains in its original packaging. In this case, you must notify Enduce via the Site's standard form for this purpose (see https://enduce.typeform.com/aterkop) and return the Product within 14 days in the manner set out on the Site (see https://enduce.se).

10.2 No later than 14 days after receipt of the returned unused and undamaged Product in its original packaging, Enduce will refund the Price to you less any depreciation and/or increased delivery costs for which Enduce is entitled to compensation by law.

11 Contact and notifications
If you have questions about the product, ordering, cancellation, withdrawal, return,

exchange, complaint or refund, you can email Enduce at order@enduce.se.

12 Personal data management
12.1 Your personal data (name, address, telephone number and e-mail) is collected and stored in Enduce's customer register in order for Enduce to deliver the ordered Product and to fulfill its obligations and rights under this Agreement and by law.

12.2 Enduce is the data controller. Within Enduce, employees who work with sales, customers, ordering, delivery and invoicing may have access to your personal data. Enduce may disclose your personal data to suppliers, collection agencies, financial and legal advisors and other external companies for processing if it is required for Enduce to deliver the ordered Product, fulfill its obligations and safeguard its rights under this Agreement and by law.

12.3 You have the right to request access to, rectification or erasure of personal data or to request restriction of or object to the processing of your personal data in accordance with applicable law and regulation. If so, please contact Enduce at privacy@enduce.se with your request. You also have the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority if you are not satisfied with Enduce's handling.

12.4 Your personal data will be stored until neither Enduce nor you have any obligations to fulfill and/or rights to exercise under the Agreement. If you want to know more about how we process your personal data - see our privacy policy which you can find at https://enduce.se/integritet.

13 Intellectual property rights
All intellectual property rights, such as patents and copyrights, in and to the

The product and product information and developments thereof are owned by Enduce.

14 Law and dispute resolution
14.1  Swedish law shall apply to the Contract and the purchase of the Product via the Site.

14.2  In the event of a dispute arising from this Agreement and the purchase of a Product via the Site, Enduce follows the recommendations of the General Complaints Board.

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