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The design of the shower area and the location of the ventilation system play a major role in shower comfort, bathroom climate and, not least, energy efficiency.  
According to Boverket, the contribution of energy-saving technologies to improving energy performance may be included in the calculations based on the demonstrated energy savings of the technology.
Enduce does not reduce water consumption overall, but hot water consumption does. The resource saving lies mainly in the energy and not in the water.
The solution's operating principle is that the energy in the continuous flow of shower water is heat exchanged against the continuously incoming cold water.
Enduce's high demands on long service life and full repairability form an important part of the product's good economic profitability as well as environmental and climate sustainability. 
Yes. When you set the mixer to colder shower water, less hot water is mixed into the shower water within a tenth of a second.
The shower combines the hottest average water flow with by far the longest duration for each tap.
Energy use for domestic hot water heating is the second largest energy use in buildings after space heating.