Enduce E1

Reducerat klimatavtryck

climate footprint

Reducerad energiförbrukning

energy performance

Sänkta driftkostnader

operating costs

Ökat fastighetsvärde

property value

Reducerad resursförbrukning

resource consumption

A new standard.

Our Enduce E1 energy recovery shower floor drain is simple, efficient and a real resource saver. The heat from used shower water is passed through a heat exchanger that preheats the cold water for the shower mixer, reducing energy and hot water consumption by up to three quarters.

Uniquely, the Enduce E1 solution is passive (no electrical connections, pumps or replacement filters) combined with world-leading efficiency, making it incredibly cost-effective and robust. An integrated cleaning system prevents clogging of the heat exchanger, which has previously been a barrier to high-efficiency energy recovery from shower water. 

Enduce E1 i dusch med klinkergolv och duschvägg i glas

Why Enduce E1?

The building sector accounts for a large share of energy use.

The housing and real estate sector is the sector that uses the most energy globally. In Sweden, the housing and services sector accounts for 39% of final energy use.
Eurostat, Energy consumption in EU households, 2020.

A significant part of the energy consumption is used for hot water production.

In a modern home, hot water consumption accounts for as much as 40% of the total energy consumption for heating.
Source: Based on Boverket's energy consumption for hot water production 25 kWh/m2 and an energy performance of the building 62 kWh/m2.

The shower is the major hot water consumer in households.

The shower combines the hottest water flow on average with by far the longest duration for each tap. Most often, heated water goes straight down the drain with no energy recovery.
Source: Sevela P et al, University of Innsbruck, Unit of Energy Efficient Building, Potential of waste-water heat recovery in reducing the EU's energy need, 2022

Energy is by far the largest consumer of resources. not the water.
Resource consumption is mainly related to water heating rather than water consumption.  

Source: Erika Wallén, Life cycle assessment of drinking water - a study of a waterworks in Gothenburg, 1999 and Pratima Singh et al-, Energy pattern analysis of a wastewater treatment plant, 2012. 

Energy recovery is most useful in the shower.
By placing the energy recovery unit in the shower, energy losses to the environment are minimized, providing the highest possible efficiency and amount of energy recovered.

Source: R. Saagi et al., City-wide model-based analysis of heat recovery from wastewater using an uncertainty-based approach, 2022, as well Passive House Institute, The potential of waste-water heat recovery systems, 2022.

The greatest benefit at the lowest cost to your wallet, society and the climate.

Enduce E1 works passively without the need for replacement filters, electrical connections or pumps, making it robust, uncomplicated and very cost-effective. Materials are carefully selected to reduce climate impact. The plate heat exchanger offers world-leading efficiency compared to alternative solutions. In short - a new standard.

Illustration av den termiska utvecklingen inom byggnadsteknik som infraröd termografi

Learn more in our webinars

You are welcome to learn more about Enduce E1 during our open and regular webinars. For about 45 minutes, we will tell you about our solution, the technology behind it and answer your questions. 

You can also book an individual meeting with us to discuss a specific project or issue.

Traditional shower
Enduce E1

Patented innovation

The Enduce E1 is robust, simple and reliable. An integrated hot water powered cleaning system ensures efficiency over time. 


How you design the shower area and where you position the shower room ventilation are important factors that influence how energy efficient and comfortable the shower experience will be.
According to the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning's building regulations, the contribution of energy-saving technologies to improving energy performance may be included in the calculations based on the technology's demonstrated energy savings.
Enduce E1 reduces hot water consumption (the energy used to heat hot water), which is by far the biggest environmental and climate impact of showering.
The solution's operating principle is that the energy in the continuous flow of shower water is heat exchanged against the continuously incoming cold water.
The floor drain is also designed to be fully repairable. This means that all internal and moving components can be replaced if something breaks.   
The connection of the waterproofing to Enduce E1 is done via traditional clamping frame connections for either waterproofing foil for tiled floors, or for plastic carpet.

Calculate yourself

Use our value calculation to estimate the impact of the Enduce energy recovery floor drain on your property's key performance indicators. 

With Enduce E1

Reduced operating costs
Energy saving
CO2 reduction
Repayment period
Energy cost for the shower
Economic returns
Improving energy performance
kWh/m2 Atemp

Adjusting parameters

Hot water heating
Energy cost (average over time)
Design of the shower area
(energy loss)
I want to calculate the energy
savings from
Domestic hot water consumption
1000 kWh/person/year
Accommodation per shower room
Share of hot water for showering
Total household shower time
Water flow in the shower
Shower water temperature
Cold water temperature
Hot water consumption
kWh/m2 Atemp
Surface area Atemp
Share of hot water for showering
Number of shower rooms
Hot water consumption
kWh/m2 BOA
Surface area BOA
Share of hot water for showering
Number of shower rooms
Energy cost for shower without Enduce
3 600 SEK/year

Contact us about your project

We are happy to help with specific calculations for a property, both new construction and renovation. Get in touch with us to take part in our in-depth value calculation.

Good to know

You are welcome to fill in your request via this link. Of course, you can also contact us directly. Contact Aleksander on 079-103 56 56 or aleksander.teir@enduce.se.

Enduce E1 is designed to work according to the standards in place and is also tested in the same way as other similar products. The floor drain is based on proven technology adapted to modern bathrooms. Genuine know-how from research and industry is behind our innovation and patents. The product is robust, with no wearing parts and clear installation instructions. 

Enduce has an immediate impact and is a long-term solution that continues to pay off over time. In residential buildings, tap water is one of the biggest energy wasters - the heat goes straight down the drain. With Enduce, up to 75% is recovered, which greatly reduces operating costs. For an apartment building, this can mean a reduction of over 10-15% for the entire property. The large energy savings in the projects contribute to opportunities for green loans, procurement benefits and meeting the industry's environmental directives. 

Feel free to visit ours FAQ for answers to more frequently asked questions and in-depth information.

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