Enduce joins 33 list as one of Sweden's most promising startups

Since 2008, the annual 33 list has gathered Sweden's most innovative and promising startups with previous names such as Spotify, iZettle and Northvolt. This year, Enduce joins the list. With its unique energy-saving technology, the company aims to set a new sustainable standard for the entire industry.

The companies on the list are judged to have developed an innovative solution to a complex problem, with the potential to change the rules of the game in the area in which they operate. Both locally and internationally. How the company relates to the UN's global sustainability goals is also part of the assessment.

- It's an honor to be on the list - it means more people see that we are a player to be reckoned with and the importance of our innovation. We are here to revolutionize the industry, starting in the Nordics. But this is a global sustainability problem, so of course we aim higher," says Thomas Holmberg, CEO of Enduce.

The shower is a major energy hog in modern households. In Sweden alone, hot water equivalent to SEK 7 billion (about 7 TWh) is flushed down the shower drain every year without any energy recovery. Enduce has therefore developed a floor drain based on world-leading energy recovery technology that recovers up to 75 percent of the energy in the shower. The company has several investors behind it and has received financial support from the Swedish Energy Agency, among others.

- The industry needs a new standard. The economic and environmental potential of our solution is huge. In Sweden alone, it is possible to save 5 TWh per year," says Henrik Hagman, founder and product manager at Enduce and technical doctor in energy technology.

The shower floor drain has been developed for over 10 years and tested over 10,000 times. The technology is robust, uncomplicated and cost-effective so that as many people as possible can benefit from it and to maximize the benefits for property owners and residents as well as for society and the climate.

To be on the 33 list, the company must be Swedish, unlisted, no more than seven years old and based on its own technological innovation. The business idea must have international potential.

Enduce floor drain E1 in brief

  • Recovers up to 75% of energy in the shower - proven technology
  • Reducing operating costs and improving energy performance for property owners
  • Easily installed both in new construction and in existing buildings, in larger properties and private homes.
  • Saving about 450 kWh per person per year, reducing household hot water consumption by about 40%.
  • The price is between 18-20,000 SEK excluding VAT and the payback period for a family household with 4 residents is estimated at about 5 years and a return of about 18% at the energy price of 1.5 SEK/kWh.

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