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The connection of the waterproofing to Enduce E1 is done via traditional clamping frame connections for either waterproofing foil for tiled floors, or for plastic carpet.
For concrete floors, the concrete cover layer under the floor drain should be about 70 mm to ensure fire EI 60 without further fire tests or thermal conductivity calculations.
The floor depth of the Enduce E1 floor drain is 138 mm, with a total height up to the top of the floor drain flange of 174 mm.
The heat recovery system is optimized for the shower flow of 8-9 litres/minute and normally handles flows up to about 12 litres/minute.
Enduce floor drains are manufactured with components for a lifetime that should exceed the lifetime of the bathroom waterproofing.
The measurements show that the Enduce floor drain generates and transports less sound than the rest of the water and shower installation.
Both the cold water connection and the hot water connection to the Enduce floor drain are designed to ensure watertight connections.
Enduce floor drain is significantly safer from a Legionella perspective than insulated cold water pipes run in conduit shafts together with HVAC pipes.