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The connection of the waterproofing layer to the floor well takes place either via a traditional clamp frame connection for waterproofing foil or for plastic mat. 
The effect of floor drains on the fire protection of joists must be considered during installation. 
The joist depth for the Enduce E2 floor well is 139 mm. Calculations are available for the influence of the floor well on the load-bearing capacity of concrete joists.
The heat recovery system normally handles flows of up to approx. 12 l/minute when showering - corresponding to the flow from a modern overhead shower. 
Enduce floor drains are manufactured with components for a lifespan that should exceed the lifespan of bathroom waterproofing.
The measurements show that the Enduce floor drain generates and transports less noise than the rest of the water installation.
The location and level of protection of the backflow preventer is verified by RISE taking into account current standards and industry regulations. 
Enduce floor drain is significantly safer from a Legionella perspective than insulated cold water pipes run in conduit shafts together with HVAC pipes.